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Yoga [yoh-guh] noun • There is no single definition of yoga. Yoga is a state of connection between body & mind achieved through breath control, meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures. Benefits of a regular yoga practice include: Balance, flexibility, strength, core strength, stress reduction. Awareness is the key to yoga.

Qigong [chee-goo ng, -gong] noun • A Chinese method that combines soft body movements with mental focus and breathing to increase energy. Qigong (Qi = energy; Gong = work) is part of the traditional Chinese medicine according to which dis-ease is derived from an imbalance in the flow of vital energy in humans.

Tai Chi [tahy jee, chee] noun • A Chinese exercise system that utilizes breathing, visualizations and circular flowing movement to work the entire body all at once.

Thai Yoga Bodywork  • Is typically practiced on a floor mat while fully clothed. These sessions are both relaxing and therapeutic. It incorporates assisted stretches, positional release therapy, muscle energy technique, soft tissue manipulation and joint mobilization. Thai Yoga Bodywork begins to stretch and open the body while deeply relaxing the client. Flexibility is not required to receive the benefits, this work can be useful for all body types. Clients receive all the benefits of a yoga class without applying any effort. This work is also effective for treating specific neuro-muscular injuries, including muscle pain, spasm, dysfunction and chronic tightness.

Combined these practices create a powerful tool for enhancing the mind body connection. Practitioners will find an increase in their physical strength, balance, mental focus, flexibility.